Our primary goal is to provide fish with disease protection to help ensure a healthy, robust life.  While our services and the products we use can not protect against all diseases, we are able to reduce fish mortalites, create a higher quality end product, and reduce production costs.

Our secondary goal is to provide desirable employment for teams of qualified vaccinating technicians. 

  • We pay very competitive rates with regular seasonal increases.

  • Provide safe working conditions.

  • We strive to have a cohesive crew who enjoy their duties and care about the fish they handle.

  • There is a provision of Professional Development money for additional training.

  • High rate of return technicians each year

Heidi Fuerste
Founder & Principal
Chris Hounsell
Founder & Principal

Fuerste Vaccination Services Corp started in August 2011 with contracts at Cermaq Canada’s Little Bear Bay Hatchery and Mowi Dalrymple and Big Tree Creek Hatcheries.  


By the end of the season, contracts had been completed with Grieg Seafood at their Gold River Hatchery, additional Cermaq Canada and Mowi sites and with several pharma companies. Almost 8 million doses of vaccine were delivered.   

Each subsequent year has seen repeat contracts through all three major aquaculture companies along with an increase in total production numbers. 2018/2019 showed a total of almost 40 million doses administered over an 8 month period.

The demand to increase total production numbers and daily numbers led FVS to the makers of NFT 20&30 to provide a service to the hatcheries in Canada and the US which they were not able to access until now.  A Service Agreement has been completed so FVS now can provide Vaccination Machines, Operation, and Repair and Maintenance services providing the best possible solutions to hatcheries. 

In 2011 Fuerste Vaccination Services Corp was awarded the Positive Aquaculture Awareness award: “Rookie of the Year”.  

Heidi and Chris feel that this reflects their dedication to the industry.

Fuerste Vaccination Services Corp is clear in their dedication to the crew and the quality of work they produce. New equipment is purchased on a regular basis, minimizing downtime and poor calibrations. The core crew members return season after season and assist in training the new recruits, providing constancy in service from the start of the season.

The Crew

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