Fuerste Vaccination Services Corp is up to date with WorkSafe BC, follows safety regulations, and ensures all staff follows regulations. This level of Health and Safety awareness is the highest within the local vaccinating industry. ​

Due to the danger of self-injection all techs attend a yearly training session, and are reminded constantly of safety protocols when handling the vaccine and equipment.  Needle guards are used on the IP injection guns, and if necessary techs are asked to wear safety glasses to ensure vaccine does not enter their eyes.   

Additionally, regular Health and Safety meetings take place at each site, this ensures the crew is aware of any inherent dangers. Reducing injuries and potential injuries is engrained into the culture of Fuerste Vaccination Services.   

High levels of Biosecurity are enforced, and all crew follow hatchery specific protocols. Equipment is generally not transferred between sites as there are two sets of guns for each site.  This minimizes down time if a gun malfunctions, and exceeds standard biosecurity requirements.

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