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Hand Vaccination and Machine Vaccination

With a team of highly skilled and experienced crew members who are able to efficiently vaccinate high numbers of fish while minimizing stress levels. Throughout the season the entire crew is tracked and monitored regarding vaccine usage/dosage.  Shot placement is monitored by the crew, crew leaders, hatchery Fish Health Technicians, and vaccine suppliers.   


Machine Vaccination offers the same great quality of hand vaccination but at a higher rate of speed and consistency.  This is suitable at sites with 1.5 million or more fish to vaccinate.

The crew as a whole pays close attention to vaccine calibration and proper equipment functioning.  Using tools such as pipettes, bag weights and vaccine tracking methods the farmer can be assured their fish are receiving the proper dose of vaccine.  Yearly training is provided so there is a clear understanding of how the vaccine works, and why correct dosage and shot placement is important.  


Some of FVS techs have experience in fin clipping, brood stock vaccinating and PIT tagging.  These additional skills mean the farmers can get more value and efficiency by using the same vaccinators in other parts of their process. 

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