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8500 fish per hour        salmon, sea bass and trout       100–250mm in size       Sorts into 3 sizes

FVS is the North American distributors of the NFT Machines

Fuerste Vaccination Services is the distributor the NFT 20 & NFT 30 vaccination machines in Canada and the US. We are proud to be working with the manufacturers of the machines manufactured by Pharmaq/Zoetis, and  Pharmaq Fishteq. We work closely with both companies to be the contact and distributors of the machine in North America.

FVS will provide sales, setup, repair and maintenance and operation, of the machine depending on the market and needs of each Hatchery. 

The NFT 20 model has the capability of a Double or Single IP Injection, while the NFT 30 has the capability of the Double or Single IP Injection and and IM injection simultaneously. 

Repair & maintenance

The local certified technician has the ability to respond very quickly in person, with a  bank of genuine spare parts on hand in Canada.  This will minimize loss of production time and stay on vaccination schedule.


In the past maintenance and repair services came from Norway and although response times were quick, it could still cause delays upwards of a week. With FVS at the ready, a technician can be on hand to assist and bring parts within hours. Minimizing downtime and saving the costs of loss of production. 

Precise Vaccination

The NFT 20 & 30 are equipped with machine vision. Every unit adjusts the injection site with a precision of 0,3 millimeter for the precise position and depth of the vaccination.

Vaccine consumption, quantity and sorting data is logged by the system. With reports available to the hatchery technicians live time.



The machine is built to vaccinate salmon, sea bass and trout from 100 to 250 mm in length (10-150 grams). The length of every fish is measured with an accuracy of 1 mm.

Following vaccination, the fish can be sorted into three different troughs, parameters for sorting can be set easily via the touch screen.









Use Existing Infrastructure

With the NFT 20 & 30, you can use your existing solution for pumping, anesthesia and internal distribution. We can assist you in designing a complete anesthesia and vaccination system. 


Module Based

Machines can be connected in series to increase capacity. Use up to 3 machines simultaneously to provide a capacity of 25,500 fish per hour.


One Operator

One experienced operator can operate the machine alone.  The hand sorting still allows for quality control and culling of the fish before vaccination. 









Mobile And Easy To Set Up

Easily transported for temporary use both indoors and outdoors. The machine features a lifting point for forklifts and is equipped with wheels. It will fit in a 1.7 metre tall van. ​

NFT_05 sorting of fish copy_web.jpg
NFT_06 changing of needle_web.jpeg
Norwegian Quality

The NFT 20 & 30 is the result of development and experience over the course of 20 years in the industry. The machine is manufactured from acid proof steel – it is built to provide excellent levels of uptime and a long lifespan – with few wearing parts. Designed in Helgeland, an area home to a great deal of activity and expertise in the fish industy.

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