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We’re proud to provide you with the following resources:

                  Staff Forms and Documents

Vaccinating Best Practises

• Check gun counter frequently 

• Ensure gun is shooting by using test shots

• Check calibration and weight of bag frequently 

• Set up next vaccine bag before running out of vaccine

• Change needle at least every 1500 shots

• Ensure needle guard is even and in the correct position

                  Technical and Data sheets

Self Injection Best Practises

    • Check hands and fingers for scratches or marks at every break

    • Report and scratches or marks immediately

    • Report self-injection immediately

    • Go to hospital immediately upon self-injection

    • Go to hospital immediately if you suspect possible self-injection

    • Carry MSDS sheets and vaccination card with you

Stay safe and report any incidents immediately. 
A quick response is the most important factor.